Best Dog Beds | Buying Guide | Reviews For 2018

Best Dog Beds

You might not want your pooch sleeping with you in bed at night because of the movements they make turning over and getting up and down and their irritating fur.

You may not want your dog all over your sofa either leaving fur and dirt for you to sit on.

If that is you as it was with me, find yourself the best dog bed available for your pet to sleep all night through in his or her own bed that your dog will love.

Why Buy a Dog Bed?

When you need a place for your dog to sleep, it’s time to buy a bed for them. Choose a bed that’s long enough for them to stretch out full length and with padding for comfort and joint support.

It’s hard to watch your family friend who has aged and not being able to run and play as once before struggle to move about.

With a therapeutic dog bed, your best buddy will have the support he or she needs to be comfortable day and night. You will want to buy a bed made of supportive materials that will not have your dog being hot or cold.

Types of Dog Beds

Standard Dog Beds

Standard Dog BedsStandard dog beds come in small, medium, and large sizes for your pet’s body size. They are from inexpensive to more expensive designer versions. They are offered without rims and edges in many shapes, material, and colors. These are more like cushions or pillows that your dog will love sleeping and hanging out on.

The various shapes are rectangular, round, oval and square.

They are available in many cover materials such as faux fur, fleece, denim, faux suede, polyester, cotton, and blends of cotton and polyester.

The filling can be memory foam, shredded foam, and cedar chips for preventing odors and bugs. Some are even egg crate for more comfort.

These beds usually have removable machine washable covers with zippers. The standard dog bed is wonderful for all dog sizes and breeds but if you have an elderly dog, you will want more orthopedic support as shown in #1 below.

Nest Dog Beds

Nest Dog BedThe nest-type dog beds are usually round and have raised edges and the rims or bolsters.

Dogs love to put their heads and necks on these edges and they are similar to a sofa side arm and can go all the way around or partially around.

These are cozy and soft made of the stuff dogs love imitating their mom’s furry soft bodies.

Dogs love to curl up and snuggle in these beds. These are best for leaning back and curling up on, shown in # 5 below.

Donut Dog Beds

Donut Dog Beds Similar to nest beds, donut dog beds have an edge or rim around the perimeter of the bed that is as soft as a pillow for your dog to curl up and snuggle on.

They are usually round or oval in shape made of soft materials and cover. These are best for younger dogs and teenage dogs since senior dogs might have a hard time getting in and out because of the softness. See #5 below.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic Dog BedsThe orthopedic dog beds are made specifically for older dogs suffering with arthritis, especially on the hind legs. These are supportive being made with superb thick foam.

They are sized for your dog to be able to stretch full-length and will support joints, prevent calluses, and pressure sores. The product #1 PetFusion™ bed below is a good example of an orthopedic dog bed.

Kennel or Crate Dog Beds

Kennel or Crate Dog BedsThe kennel or crate dog bed is made to fit these devices for comfort to your dog keeping them off cold floors and laying on the wire bars on the bottom. They are usually water resistant and easy to clean with removable machine washable covers that unzip.

For senior dogs and thin bony dogs, always have a bed in their crates for more comfort and softness. Crates are not included with the bed.

Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated Dog BedThe elevated dog bed is up and off the floor. The frame is usually metal, plastic, wood, or whicker and are standard, nest, and orthopedic dog beds. Some are mattresses that are inside an elevated frame off the floor. Others have a cover over the top for all dog sizes.

Bugs will stay off your furry friends since they will have a longer distance uphill to get to your dog.

I would not recommend this for an elder dog with orthopedic issues since it is higher up for those dogs to climb or jump.

Covered Dog Beds

Covered Dog BedsThe covered dog beds are cozy and private—like a cave they can hide in. These are soft with a soft covered top in many colors and sizes for your dog.

Smaller dog breeds and shy dogs especially love the small house for hiding inside.

Most are plush and others are made to look like an inflexible house or basket.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog BedsDogs love their heated dog beds! These work like heating pads and electric blankets for people that we love to snuggle up with when our bones ache and the nights are cold. With heat and orthopedic features, these dog beds are best for older dogs and young ones alike who like to be toasty and warm when it’s cold outside.

Thin, boney, and dogs that normally stay outside will love these beds when it’s cold on floors in the house.

Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling Dog BedsWhen your dog has been out playing on a summer day you’ll notice he comes into the house panting and tries to find a cool spot on the floor to lay down.

The cooling dog beds’ memory foam or gel dog beds will keep your dog cool to promote better sleep and healthy joints.

These are washable and can fit into a dog crate or a vehicle. The covers are machine washable and your dog will love this bed.

Travel Dog Beds

Travel Dog BedsWhen you take your dog on a short or long road trip he needs to have his own travel bed. Many fold up with carrying handles to store doggy toys and treats inside saving space.

These are ideal for home, travel, hotels, cars, camping, visiting other homes, and more. And, your pet will love the soft comfort beneath his bones and body.

Read my best dog bed reviews for small dog beds, large dog beds, dog beds made in USA, and dog beds with covers.

Top 5 Best Dog Bed Reviews

Best Dog Beds Product

Dogs love having their own space such as their own bed for comfort and sleeping. You will find them in the backyard walking around to find a cool or warm spot to lay down. They also do that inside your home looking for the softest spots similar to your sofa or bed.

They love coziness and a place to curl up. Dogs also like rules and the same time to eat each day. They love attention and love to play.

1. PetFusion™ Ultimate Orthopedic Pet Bed

PetFusion Large Dog Bed

PetFusion™ model number PF-IBL1 on® is the #1 best-selling orthopedic dog bed and lounge in the marketplace. Give your pet this orthopedic medium firm, breathable 35% cotton cover with waterproof inner liner and YKK® first-class zippers. The initials YKK® stand for Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki a Japanese zipper manufacturer making the best zippers for 71 countries.

The covering is safe for skin contact such as short hair dogs, the nose, paws and tender areas.

With 4-inches of memory foam in the base, your dog will have comfort all over having less joint pain, better mobility and energy, and better health. The bolster pillows going around, are filled with 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill.

Size of PetFusion Ultimate Pet BedThe cover is water resistant, tear resistant, with a no-skid bottom and will go well with your décor in small slate gray 25- x 20 x 5.5-inches; large chocolate 36- x 28- x 9-inches; X-large slate gray 44- x 34-x 10-inches; and XXL jumbo slate gray 50- x 40- x 13-inches.

Replacement covers are sold separately and these are machine washable, easy to spot-clean and remove hair.

The comfortable dog beds for small to large dogs and even more than one dog are perfect. These dog beds for older dogs suffering from arthritis will relieve joint pain. The bed will hold pets up to 100-pounds.

Gift-wrapping is available for your pet lovers and you will receive an instruction book with a 2-year manufacturer’s Warranty. The shell and other parts are made in China.

Review PetFusion™ Ultimate Dog Lounge video.

2. Milliard™ Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Milliard™ Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This is the small Milliard™ dog bed and is Amazon’s Choice offered in small, medium, large and extra-large. The item number DB-S is affordable for your pet with its great qualities.

With its 2-inches of memory foam over a 2-inch firmer base, it will comfort and support your pet without sagging or sinking into the floor.

It stays in place with its non-slip bottom rubber grips with an anti-microbial waterproof machine washable 100% polyester cover and dual zippers for easy removal. Plastic is under the cover to keep the foam clean.

The foam’s orthopedic support keeps your dog’s spine aligned for better health and mobility.

Orthopedic support dog

The dimensions for the small dog bed are 24-inches long x 18-inches wide x 4-inches high and weighs 2.75-pounds.

Medium: 34-inches long x 22-inches wide x 4-inches high weighing 3.8 pounds;
Large: 40-inches long x 35-inches wide x 4-inches high weighing 9.24-pounds; and
X-Large: 46-inches long x 35-inches wide x 4-inches high weighing 9.76-pounds.

Milliard™ Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Size

The bed will fit a crate when traveling or needing to keep your pet secured at night.

CertiPUR-USThe foam is certified by CertiPUR-US® to contain only safe and chemical-free materials for your pet.

Gift-wrapping is available for your pet loving friends and you’ll receive instructions for care. A 1-year Warranty applies from the date of purchase. It is made in China.

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed video.

3. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Bedding Pad

Orthopedic 4The Big Barker crate is Amazon’s Choice, ASIN B00DP5W9BU. Your dog will not be uncomfortable using this best dog crate pad.

It’s 100% waterproof and tear resistant, thick, heavy-duty and tough. The foam is made in the USA and the orthopedic support fits a standard 42- x 28-inch large crate. Other size crate pads are available for your specific crate size.

Its Cordura™ “super-weaved” nylon means it stays waterproof for longer times.

The foam will not flatten or pancake and keeps your pet’s joints from touching a hard plastic bottom or the metal bottom parts. The bottom of the crate is the most critical part of the enclosure and you don’t want your pet’s hips and elbows becoming sore and aching over time.

Your dogs will not be able to tear up the material that is machine washable with accidents being easily washed off.

Other crates are cheap because they do not offer the support that the Big Barker gives your dog.

The large pads use 2-inches of H10 comfort foam that molds around your dog’s pressure joints and 2-inches of H24 support foam for the bottom to give orthopedic support preventing your dog’s joints from grinding into a hard plastic tray bottom or the metal bars.

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Bedding Pad

The Certi-PUR US® certified foam is specifically calibrated to contour and mold perfectly to your dog’s body, giving necessary protection from joint pain, hip and elbow dysplasia, and arthritis. The pad protects your dog from suffering physical stress that can also help ease anxiety about being away from you.

Dog bed is made in the USA

Gift-wrapping is offered for your pet loving friends along with instructions for use and care. Very impressive are the 10-year Warranty, 1-year trial, and the best feature is this dog bed is made in the USA!

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Bedding Pad Certificate

Big Barker XL Orthopedic Dog Bed Review video.

4. Big Barker Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest

Big Barker 7

The Big Barker large and extra-large dog bed (headrest edition) is another® Choice product in different sizes for different sized dogs. This would make a nice place for me to take a nap on with or without my black lab.

The pad uses open cell foam to allow air to move about freely. Memory foam is closed cell that can trap hot air between your dog and the bed.

The zipper covers 75% of the bed and is 150-inches so that you can take the cover off to machine wash with no shrinkage.

Dogs love the headrest and if you have more than one dog, they will fight over who gets it!

Big Barker large and extra-large dog bed

These dogs sure look comfortable, playful, and napping on their beds. The colors being earthy and neutral will go with your home décor.

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs color
Support points and joints are protected with this bed. The extra-large is 52-inches long x 36-inches wide x 7-inches high.

The large is 48-inches long x 30-inches wide x 7-inches high. Your giant dog family member will be comfy on the 60-inches long x 48-inches wide x 7-inches high bed.

Gift-wrapping is offered for your pet loving friends along with instructions for use and care. Very impressive are the 10-year Warranty, 1-year trial, and the best feature being made in California, USA!

Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Crate Bedding Pad Certificate

Bedtime Is Better With a Big Barker video.

5. Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddlier Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Faux Fur Donut Cuddlier Dog Bed

The Best Friends by Sheri dog cushion bed looks comfortable enough for kids! It is an Amazon Choice bed for dogs or cats providing orthopedic relief, warmth, and coziness for sleeping, model number DNT-SHG-TAU-3636.

The donut dog bed colors are taupe shown in the picture at the top or frost.

Sizes are all 9-inches high and 23- x 23-inches; 30-x 30-inches; 36- x 36-inches; and 45- x 45-inches.

When choosing your dog bed, the 23-inch square bed is best for cats or small breeds up to 25-pounds; the 30-inch bed is best for medium dog breeds up to 45-pounds; and the 36-inch bed is the best for large dog breeds up to 100-pounds.

Don’t let you pet family member sleep another night on the floor or your prized sofa.

The round shape dog donut bed cuddler is perfect for dogs loving to curl up. The raised rim gives them a feeling of security with head and neck support. The soft filling and faux fur cover relieves muscle and joint aches and pain. This fur probably reminds them of their mom and they want to be right there in it.

The bed is safe to wash in the machine on the gentle cycle and dryer on low heat.

Gift-wrapping is available and your satisfaction is guaranteed. if you have any problems or questions, simply reach out to their customer service team. It is made in China.

Final Thoughts

The best dog bed that you buy will make your pet happy no matter what you get because your dog doesn’t understand the benefits. Your dog does know when he’s comfortable though. Leave a comment in the box below with your comments or questions for a reply from me, Sandy King. Happy shopping!