About Me

About-meI am indeed a dog lover! The first dog I adored was a Heinz mix brownish small dog so friendly and fun. When I was 7-years old, I found him roaming my street for many days and finally decided to take him home. I named him Tuffy.

My mom did not like having dogs around because they were “dirty and messy,” so she said. However, she let me and my brother keep Tuffy and she liked him too!

The condition was that he sleep in the shed at night, play in the yard during the day, and he could come inside when we got home from school to feed him, play, and take him out to potty. We agreed and did it!

He loved to lay in the soft wood chair we had by the phone. It had a super soft bronze-orange tufted seat cushion and he would curl up and nap. We didn’t disturb him when he napped.

One morning when I went to get him out of the shed to be in the yard all day, he was foaming at the mouth. I was too young to understand what that meant but my mom knew.

She called the sheriff and he came out and shot him then took him away in a bag.

That broke my heart and my brother’s too. The dog had rabies and a rabid mouse or squirrel must have bitten him when he stayed in the shed at night the sheriff told us.

We never had another dog while I lived at home, but I had many as an adult in my own house. They were trained to go outside to potty, had nice beds to curl up on, and the best food and exercise.

My favorite dogs have been German shepherds, a white Samoyed, and black Labradors. I loved them ‘til death. The shepherd in the picture was named Roscoe.

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