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We all love our dogs and he is your children’s best friend and your companion too. As part of your family, you will want your dog to be happy and content when he naps during the day and sleeps at night. Buying the appropriate best dog bed for your pet is important for his comfort and happiness.

Many types are reviewed at this site from orthopedic dog beds to raised off-the-floor cots to choose from.

If you’re not certain what to buy for your furry friend, please read my dog bed buying guide below to help you decide.

Top 5 Best Standard Dog Bed Reviews

1. Armarkat® Standard Pet Bed Mat, Rectangle

Armarkat Pet Bed MatThe Armarkat® brand by AeroMark Pet Bed Mat is ideal if your dog prefers softness over support, and this dog mat outrivals others in the standard dog mat type. This one is perfect for younger and healthier dogs not needing orthopedic support. The model number M02HJH/MB-M on® is filled with extra thick 100% polyester for maximum comfort.

The outer shell is canvas with a skid-proof base for safety. The cushion has a zipper for machine washing with a waterproof lining to clean easily.

The color on top is ivory with burgundy on the sides in sizes of medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large.

The medium-size dimensions are 28-inches long x 22-inches wide x 5-inches high.

Armarkat® Dog Bed As the manufacturer, AeroMark is sure your pet will get years of enjoyment from its products. If any part is broken within 6-months due to a manufacturing defect, AeroMark will gladly replace it free of charge. After 6-months, pay only a small amount for broken parts, that are available at the official website. The mat is made in China.

2. Pecute Standard Dog Bed, Rectangle

The Pecute Dog Bed is an Amazon Choice bed for small, medium, and large pets, including cats. The model ASIN B0714LNNRN is soft Oxford polypropylene (PP) filled for cuddly softness for your beloved pet.

You’ll enjoy the machine washable cover with zipper and a cover that will not tear. And, the whole bed is washable if need be. The bed is cozy for your furry friend to curl up on and sleep.

The side walls are raised giving your pet the secure feeling they love when napping. They like to put their neck and head there too. The sides are sturdy, not floppy.

Choose from green and beige or brown and orange to match your home décor.

Pecute Standard Dog Bed

Small: External dimensions 19.29-inches x 17.32-inches x 7.1-inches, internal dimensions 13.78-inches x 9.84-inches;
Medium: External dimensions 24.8-inches x 20.87-inches x 7.9-inches, internal dimensions 17.72-inches x 13.78-inches;
Large: External dimensions 27.2-inches x 20.9-inches x 8.7 inches, internal dimensions 22-inches x 16.5-inches, weight 35-pounds.

Note: The fabric is water resistant, but not 100% waterproof, because the water or urine will wet the outside cloth after remaining too long or the material be put under pressure, but generally will not penetrate into the interior.

If you have any problems with your bed, contact Amazon Customer Service for Warranty assistance. The bed is made in China.

3. Good Life Solutions Premium Standard Dog Bed, Oval

Premium Quality Small Pet Bed

The Good Life Solutions washable small breed dog bed is perfect and luxurious for small puppies to senior dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits too up to 10-pounds. The Amazon Choice dog bed, model ASIN B01MY87NJB, comes in blue or green with white pin stripe.

The cushion is therapeutic and comfortable with tall sides tapering to lower in the front for your pet’s head and to see what’s going on around them.

For your smaller or older pet, the dimensions for this bed are 18- x 15-inches with 6-inch high sidewalls for the secure cuddling your pets love.

This bed is made of 100% cotton canvas upper for durability with a sturdy waterproof bottom and polyester fleece cushion that all goes into your clothes washer on gentle with cold water. Air fluff without heat in your dryer or hang outside to dry.

These are not only for sitting on the floor, they can go into a chair, on the sofa, and on your bed if you like your pet to sleep with you but not on your bed covers.

The outside dimensions are 18-inches x 14-inches x 7-inches high and the inside is 14-inches x 12-inches x 5-inches high.

Gift-wrapping is available for your pet lover friends and it’s made in China.

Good Life Solutions Premium Pet Bed review video.

4. Aspenpet Standard Dog Bed, Oval

 Aspen Pet Oval Cuddler Pet Bed for Small Breeds

The Aspenpet Pet Mate chocolate brown with white interior dog bed even has a dog bone applique on the front that he will probably chew off. The item model number 290206 on® is affordable and a best seller that is 20- x 16-inches outside.

The walls are like a nest for them to curl up and cozy into. The side walls are filled with high-loft polyester that can also be used in a kennel or as a crate pad. No fire retardants are used and it is not waterproof with grooves on the bottom to keep from slipping.

This bed is ideal for cats, toy, and small breed dogs. It will fit into the backset of your vehicle and will wash in a standard home washer on the gentle cycle with cold water.

The cover does not come off and you can wash the entire bed and put into the dryer on cool.

Aspenpet™ Standard Dog Bed

It measures 14-inches long x 11-inches wide inside. Gift-wrapping is available and it’s made in China.

5. JOYELF Standard Dog Bed, Boat Shape or Square

JOYELF Standard Dog Bed

The JOYELF bolster dog bed pirate ship, model ASIN B06XDXX928 on® is adorable and has a removable washable cover. The color is brown that will go well with any décor.

The medium dog bed measures 36-inches long x 20-inches wide x 10-inches high and is perfect for small to medium dogs such as Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Maltese Papillons, Shih Tzus, Pugs, Dachshunds, Poodles, and Boston Terriers. Cats and puppies love it too.

JOYELF Standard Dog BedIf you’d rather have a square configuration, it’s available as well measuring 32-inches long x 22-inches wide x 7-inches high.

The outside of either bed is suede and polyvinyl chloride (PV) plush with breathable and soft polypropylene (PP) cotton inside. The bottom has nonslip rubber backing and it has a waterproof coating.

Your pet’s neck and head can rest on the side bolsters for support too. The cover is removable with a zipper and is machine washable.

The bed is durable and comfortable for pets with arthritis and joint pain. A squeaker toy comes with the bed for your dog’s enjoyment and play time. The Life Buoy squeaker toy comes with the boat shape and the square bed comes with the Heart squeaker.

Grift-wrapping is available and you’ll receive a User’s Manual. It is made in the USA.

Final Thoughts

For a standard comfortable dog bed, the above items will be ideal for your pet. If you want warmer beds or cool beds, come back soon to read about them. Happy Shopping!

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